As cake and pastry manufacturers, we have considered the following to control and guarantee the quality of our products :

1.control of raw materials and ingredients

control of raw materials and ingredients(Cocoa beans :The raw materials used in the production of chocolate products are usually of natural origin. Therefore, in order to prepare the production formula or regulate the production process, the need for appropriate and ideal resources is felt. Cocoa beans and sugar are the main raw materials needed to produce chocolate-derived products. Cocoa butter and cocoa paste are also made from cocoa beans.)

Cocoa butter :

which is made from its seeds, plays an important role in the production process. One of the characteristics of cocoa butter is that it does not spoil easily, even under adverse conditions.)

milk powder :

Milk fat makes up the bulk of the ingredients in milk chocolate. Considering the characteristics of dry milk, it can be said that the use of milk fat in chocolate is very important, the taste is due to the freshness and seasoning in dry milk products) .

Nuts and condiments

Full control and supervision should also be observed for other additives such as nuts, condiments and other matters including packaging. Seasonings and nuts require microbiological testing, as they sometimes contain many toxins and carcinogens that lead to fungi. They are found in many nuts, which emphasizes the need to control and test these substances as much as possible) .

2. production process control

3. review and control the final product

4.product control when marketed.