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We are proud to offer you the best healthy and tasty pastries, free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour and trans fats. We produce the best products for you to enjoy, while minimizing unnecessary fats and sugar. Using the highest quality wheat flour and fine ingredients in our cakes, give us an edge that is tough to beat.

When our customers are asking, why our cakes are so good, we like to say that what we don't mix in them is just as important as the ingredients we use to make them.

We take pride in our products, and in serving our North Vancouver community.

Our Mission

The profession of confectionery , in addition to being an art, is certainly a science in which the knowledge of materials and accurate measurement, along with the use of appropriate raw materials and practical tools, play an important role in this profession. Our task is to prepare delicious and attractive cakes and sweets for our customers by knowing the alphabet of confectionery, cooking technique and original language of confectionery.


The history of confectionery has a long history in contemporary Iranian food culture. Baking sweets for different occasions from birthdays and weddings and ceremonies to parties and dinners and even a friendly evening party and in addition to these daily consumption with a variety of tea and coffee is so important that every region in Iran has its own sweets . These sweets are usually used as souvenirs.


As cake and pastry manufacturers, we have considered the following to control and guarantee the quality of our products in :
1.control of raw materials and ingredients
2. production process control
3. review and control the final product
4.product control when marketed.


Today, there are various and new methods in baking cakes and sweets that a confectioner should be well acquainted with and be able to produce the most delicious and different sweets.



Jalal is a Iranian-born pastry chef who spent 25 years in Vancouver perfecting his craft and exceptional creations.
Highly dedicated and seasoned bakery chef with a strong customer service record and meticulous eye for detail. Adept at producing a huge variety of delicious breads, cakes, and assorted pastries with maximum speed and efficiency. Exceptional manager and mentor to junior bakery staff in maintaining high bakery quality and safety standards.

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